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AMC SOUTDOOR-800- Bidirectional Wireless Sensor Outdoor PET 868 Mhz

Low-power external sensor - 868 MHz (compatible only with the central X series)Pet immune, dual digital PIR.It has an analysis...

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Low-power external sensor - 868 MHz (compatible only with the central X series)
Pet immune, dual digital PIR.
It has an analysis system devoid of the classical disorders that occur with the use of traditional analog PIR.Through the use of fully digital PIR sensor it is protected from blindness by white light, and has an effectiveness much higher in the discrimination of movement in its range.Even in the presence of thermal variations, the totally digital compensation system always guarantees a good effectiveness.It has a range of 15 meters, with a 90 ° opening angle.

Communicates with the receiver in both directions.It is equipped with an automatic wake system during insertion and put on stand-by system is disarmed. The system is designed for radio transmissions without collisions and saturations.Any transmission is ensured by a receiving apparatus confirms, in this way may not be data loss and / or failure to supervise.AES 128-bit encryption ensures maximum security against cloning data.The batteries used are Lithium-Ion battery, easily available on the market and guarantee a long life.

Available colors: white

It can be used with all types radio receivers of the series 800, and given the low consumption 12uA, ensures a long battery life.It 'a fully digital sensor (with digital RIP), with an analysis system devoid of the "classical" background noise, which occurs with the use of traditional analog RIP.The use of the digital system, makes the device immune to masking by white light, and much more efficient in the discrimination in their range of action. Moreover, even with significant temperature variations, the digital equaling of the temperature system, ensures a high efficiency.

• dual technology outdoor sensor (2 digital RIP, with the AND operation with time of 4 seconds).
• Different types of lenses depending on the type of installation (volume, curtain vertical / horizontal).
• PET immune.
• Tamper-tear, and anti opening with micro switch.
• Flow control (3-15 m.) By radio
• System LEDs can be activated by radio
• Alarm Buzzer activated by radio
• Test function can be activated by radio and in local
• Double-pulse can be activated by radio
• mounting swivel wall NOT INCLUDED
In the sensor package contains 3 types of lenses:
- Lens for horizontal curtain
- Vertical curtain lens
- Volumetric curtain lens

Battery power 1 / 2AA 3.6V
Consumption (Alarm / Standby) 12uA min. - 26mA max
Operating frequency 868.3 mghz
Digital Arts FSK transmission
128bit AES encryption with variable code
supervision ✔
Maximum reach 15m
Opening angle of 90 °
2 PIR / Pyroelectric digital piroeletrici
1 Fresnel lens (22 Patterns on 3 levels)
Fresnel lens 2 horizontal curtain (11 Patterns 1 level)
IP IP rating 44
tamper ✔
✔ tear-resistant
Operating Temperature From -30 ° C to +55 ° C
Storage temperature From -30 ° C to +60 ° C
RFI Protection 30V / m (80/1000 MHz)
Walk Test LED ✔
cover ABS
Dimensions 185 x 85 x 70 mm
Weight 265 gr.