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FIRECLASS conventional Central J408-2

Conventional J408 - 2 Central Designed and built in accordance with EN54, J408 is a microprocessor central to the control of...

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Conventional J408 - 2 Central

Designed and built in accordance with EN54, J408 is a microprocessor central to the control of firefighting equipment small. It has two areas, each of which supports up to 32 detectors, for a maximum of 64 detectors. Each detection zone has an output alarm repeat for selective management in case of fire.
The control unit is equipped with alarm outputs, controlled and silenced, to operate self-powered sirens, piezoelectric sirens, fire bells, flashers, telephone dialers, etc..
This central easy to use is protected by a key that allows only one operational access to authorized personnel.
The optional Software in Windows ™ program allows a complete management system with regard to the events memory, files, reset and all the programmable functions provided by the control panel.

- EN54 and EN12094- 1 approved (with J400- EXT Extinguisher module)
- 2 zones
- 32 devices per zone
- Area compatible with gas detectors 4- 20 mA
- Recognition of the manual button
- programmable thresholds
- missing detectors
- Day / Night mode
- investigation time
- Recovery times and programmable reset
- An output repetition alarm (open collector) for each input area
- 2 controlled alarm outputs and silenceable 24V to activate sirens and beacons
- alarm output silenced and excluded, for the activation of self- powered sirens 24V
- Signalling output silenced failures for the activation of signaling and auxiliary devices
- Controlled output for the activation of telephone dialers
- programmable open collector output
- Alarm memory / failure until the next reset
- Command to silence the sirens
- The commands from the panel require the key or the code
- Programmable from PC or panel
- historical record of the last 50 events viewable by PC
- RS485 bus for connecting up to 4 repeater modules

Dimensions H x W x D in mm 354 x 280 x 100
Weight 8.2 kg
Operating temperature - 5 - + 40 °
Power 35 W
instrument panel color RAL7035
Pantone 427C light gray, dark gray 431C and 2995C Blue
EMC / RFI EN50130- 4 and EN61000- 6- 3
Supply voltage 230 V ~ 50 Hz - 15 / + 10%
Maximum current 1 A
Low voltage range 19.0 to 27.6 V
Compatible batteries 2 x 12 V / 17 Ah YUASA or equivalent with housing flammability class UL
maximum internal resistance of the battery and associated circuitry: 1 ohm